Avery Telehealth has created a customizable Readmission Avoidance Program (RAP) that has a proven track record of reducing hospital readmissions. Beginning in 2012 we reduced 30 day readmissions by more than 50% each year. RAP focuses on proactive care transition planning, patient centric post discharge care coordination and remote telehealth monitoring.

Avery uses a proprietary care system that takes the hospital discharge orders, executes the orders and proactively coordinates care with patient’s primary care provider and other community health providers. All patients are remotely monitored by our nursing call center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I am thrilled with Avery for our outsourced partner, readmissions have been significantly reduced & patients are extremely satisfied with the program.”

-Nanette, Director of Case Management, Pioneers Memorial Hospital


Through a combination of of pre-discharge and post discharge procedures, Avery Telehealth has created a program that will reduce the amount of hospital readmissions.

  • Care Transition Planning: converting discharge orders to care transition plans, medication reconciliation, care coordination,patient education and scheduling PCP follow up
  • Proactive Patient Centric Care Coordination: This step is crucial because it executes the care transition plan, ensures physicians are aware of their patients health status,  while providing medical compliance & patient education
  • Remote Telehealth Monitoring: allows us to track daily health status and vitals with the patient in addition to tracking symptoms and potential side effects to medications.

We understand the greatest risk for readmission happens once the patient has left the hospital. The best discharge plans begin to unravel once the patient gets home. Let Avery Telehealth continue the care with our Readmission Avoidance Program.

 We guarantee a 30% reduction in hospital readmissions.